Vashistt Public School provides a first hand experience in all practical subjects. All the labs in the school are well equipped with latest apparatus, techniques and instruments.

Biology Lab:- The Biology lab is well equipped to perform experiments from class VI to XII according to the CBSE guidelines and can accommodate 30 children per batch. It has the facilities to perform high level projects. It has a unique collection of charts, models, slides and specimens to cater to the needs of the syllabus of each class.

Chemistry Lab:- ‘’Learning by doing” is the motto of teaching at VPS; and Science is a subject of observations, analysis and conclusions. Chemistry lab in VPS, Una is a site for experiments and observations. It is an ultimate place; well equipped with all the chemical equipments, gas connection and water distillation plant. The chemicals used for experiments are of world class standard.

Physics Lab:- In the framework of teaching the natural sciences, ‘lab’ is a general name for activities based on observation, tests and experiments done by students. It is hard to imagine learning Physics without doing lab work. The usefulness & effectiveness of the lab has been integral in teaching Physics. Therefore, lab programs have been designed with the following fundamental goals in mind: Students learn the art of experimentation, experimental and analytical skills, conceptual learning and developing collaborative learning skills. To satisfy the above, we have a well-designed Physics lab with the necessary apparatus & equipment. We make our children believe that experimentation is the sole judge of all scientific truth.

Computer Lab:- The school is equipped with state-of-art computer lab with multimedia dual Core computers using hi-tech audio visual aids like LCD, Projectors and Home theatre. The school is providing Computer Aided Learning or use of computers in education from Primary onwards in accordance with C.B.S.E.